Chronicles of a Lioness in The Concrete Jungle:The Journey Through

The Journey Thru:

The journey through made words of my mother true of the pride lands.
Through the valleys to the mountain tops the lessons carried weight
Anchored to the ground for expectations were high but varied in realistic ability.
The laugh of hyenas was amusing, what a gift of laughter to hide the hinderous truth
of eat or be eaten unbeknownst that i was the prey for my ability to end their game
w/ the same willingness to make their day.
So amused that now im surrounded by fools who expected a easy meal not knowing i was born to kill.
Out numbered i should have been a easy kill,
Yet they stalked & played as if the fear of the fight in me was to much.
Egzio Teshalene Wemenfus Kidus
Have mercy apon me for i must show them i keep the rod of Jah on me,
Mama aint raise no fool im a hard body Went to the school of hard knocks
Stead of kisses we got kicked.Remember? They was just trying catch a body
&& i was tryin feed em anthropology
Ill jus probably hit them w/ facts like Garvey
To show them paths of alternate ends in situations in future tense
But when its all said && done will it end in regret w/ ya head low asking why me?.,
Ima need you to think before you try & run game by me
Lioness is hard to tame but for a King
do the signs flash of who i be that you ignored that lead  to your demise
Or was my eyes to kind,laugh to frequent ,arms open to wide that made you undermine the fire that got you burnt up?
Pride lands done claimed another one call in the vultures
My mother words was true,i done made it through the valley of death introductions && regards to my higher self

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