Cigarette Love

Your smile burns a hole into my skin,
Like cigarette ashes burn a couch.
I’m covered in them.
My pale skin is tainted with black and grey ashes,
I was surprised to learn that human flesh is flammable.
I melted for you.
I turned into ice in the summer time after being stone cold so long.
I don’t know whether to thank you for making me soft
Or shun you for making my atoms move.
My science teacher taught my class that every seven years
The atoms in your body renew themselves,
So maybe in 2,555 days I will be untouched by you.
I will finally become me again.
It’s been 2,553 days and I feel normal again.
I seen you walking along dirty sidewalks and you tried to say hello
And I just turned away.
Don’t get me wrong,
I love you, but no soap can clean the dirt that you have morphed to
And I just don’t want to stain my skin anymore.
I will not let you ruin me, at least not again.

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This Poems Story

Painful people tend to leave scars, this is a excerpt of mine.