Let's sit under the moonlight,
Maybe on the grass.
Watch the moon pouring it's light
on the tiny earth of ours.
While we pour back all our pain into it,
not keeping any for tomorrow's sun.
Let's sit there.
Listening each other's heartbeat.
Slow and then racing, suddenly.
Sharing the same cigarette, your lips touched.
And laughing at the thought of us virtually kissing.
Every smoke let out reminds us of our past
While we slowly see it disappear under the limitless sky.
Touch, you touch your feet with that of mine.
Reminding me of those old-school movies,
How people tend to initiate their romance by this.
Talking about the endless trauma,
we both are underneath, we close our eyes.
Laying back on your chest,
Realising the whole universe inside me, Collapsing inside yours.
Counting heartbeats, warm breath of yours Reminds me of a hotsteam I am in.
Pouring my pain, my energy, my strength in you.
Wishing to lie there till eternity,
And then, falling asleep.

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