Cigarettes And Beef Jerkey

Our conversations consisted of small talk and animation,
End-of-the-world scenarios, wooden boats, and procreation,
And when you said you had no clue about what you were gonna do,
I thought that meant you were like me,
Thats what you lead me to believe.
So now I'd rather be told the truth than hear another lie,
I'm done scearching for the prize I was promised I'd find,
You scared me out of my ideas now I'm fond of back up plans,
There's no more walking on tight ropes no more playing in quicksand,
The best way to stay afloat is to forget what you think you know,
The only things in life worth changing,
Are the ones you can't control.
Somewhere along the way,
I thought we must of fell in love,
You really had me going kid you really screwed me up,
I was always one to think everything could be enough,
For you it wasn't,
I'm not gonna lie I still think about you often,
If you're living close to home,
Or left town like you always wanted,
If you're going to school I know you applied for college,
Well did you go?
I think it's pretty safe to say things worked out for the best,
I loved every second we spent together,
Though I'm glad it ended when it did,
I'm glad I ended it when I did.

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