Alone in the dark she whispers far away weeping as her crys carry through the wind tears staining her filthy rag dress she sweeps the floor she knows her story will never be told the Cinderella story it never gets old she cleaned she cooked she sewed the dress she tried everything to look her best she was beaten and abused. But she never seemed to care this is real life its never fair theres no prince charming aspiring me or singing mice keeping me company alone i wait in my ragged dress trying not to stress. She waits she sits she talks to herself. As the clock ticks i listen to the ticking of the clock all alone tell a story in a different tone Cinderella Cinderella forgone and afraid a lonely child a lonely maid

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Many people would consider fairy tales for children but everyone of the original has a dark story within the sory that is the truth Cinderella was rescued by the prince but the sister cut off their toes in order to become the princes bride and was eaten by crows but after Cinderella was taken by the prince she was taken advantage of and she left him