the red carpet frayed
beneath our feet,
celebrity ruby worn
away by

we stepped into salty
butter air, crisp on wings of
coca cola adverts
you smiled and said
"it had been so long"

the line for concessions
dwindled, the counter
a fragment from a
ten year old memory,
curtains swept aside to
view its splendor

I handed over
our tickets that
ripped with
a recall to this moment
lifetimes, different usher
hands colliding
in an overture of

theater stillness blanketed
the seats like
snow on a skater
grooved lake,
light and

your eyes mirrored the
film flickering to life
starting over, playing the same
again, and
again, and

I fell in love
with each
greasy handful
of popcorn
and as you laughed
at the jokes we've
seen a
hundred times before

the dance of
dust in projector
light was
ignored for
red jacket rebels
and past

you wept, at the end
when roses bloomed wetly
through a shield of

"he's always complaining
he's cold"
you mouthed, a
tear trembling on
the tip of your
nose, like a
man ready to

I wove my fingers
in between yours in an act
of solidarity

the cinema dark evaporated
leaving behind
letting the reminder
of light fill in
the vacant eyes

we walked out
with the silent mass
dazed and slow,
rubber soles scraping
against nylon

I held the door, separating
fading fifties color
and moon grey

the rain shone in
star light, bringing the
silver screen
to us

you looked at me and
we left with
only the whirl of a
revolving door and
shrinking silhouettes to
mark our

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