I could've been his same age
I could've gone to school with him
I may have seen him walking
But now, I'll never see him again

"Why?" You might think differently
When you could be on your phone searching
For the story that I mourn for
Directed by the Cinematographer

I didn't even know his name
I didn't know anything
Except he had a club of his own
That drove him out of his home

This made him a threat to us all
If his friends came in, we'd have to lockdown these walls
But behind his masquerade
I thought I saw a friend for me

This stays a haunted mystery
Since he gave in to the war zone's calling
Predicted by a man I remember
Directing the fight; the Cinematographer

What is more barbarian;
To fight your own or stand aside and document it?
Misguiding the concept of love
For a few thouand comments and one week of stardom

Every now and then
I'd go online
To see the boy I knew from outside
I wished he knew me during his time

Could this have been predicted?
Could this have been negated?
Do you think you'll LIKE the feature
Directed by the Cinematographer?

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