Circles and circles

Voids of emotions
Moments of emptiness
Blank stares into space
My mind races my heart beats
My chest hurts and I can't breath
My eyes won't shut and my memories replay
Like a nightmare on a rainy cold misty and eerie day
Once whole now broken
Drowning in darkness and a river of pain
At rock bottom where you left me lay
You used my light and gave me darkness
You built me up to tear me down
My walls are up my mind on lock down
A prisoner in my own mind
A ballerina on Satan's music box
Twirling and twirling abused and hurt
Circles and circles emotions in motion
Demanded to be felt and forced to be held
Silenced and forgotten
Buried deep down
Cold and heartless
Forever letting my star burn out

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This Poems Story

It\'s a out heart break praying to the moon and the stars and letting them have the light back because the pain I feel so dark and so much hurt heartbreak ? and to deal with it in silence is worst type heartbreak