Why do we always run in circles?
We run and we run until our paths cross again
Then we try and run in the opposite direction
But you're a force of nature and
I always come back in your direction

When we start to run again that's when the rain falls down
And we're miserable and gloomy like the clouds
But when our paths cross again time stands still and
We stand there staring at each other
Wondering which one of us is going to run first this time
But when we collide it's
Like fireworks shooting off in the heavenly sky
But then you get scared again and take off running
And I take off chasing after you
When we try and part our separate ways
There's this magnetic force that pulls us back

I'm pretty sure if I ripped my heart out in front of you
And told you to keep it
You'd take off running with it and not give me yours
Every once in a while you'd come back with it and put it back
Where it belongs
Then you'd take off again
And now we're back to running in circles

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