By Tyler Eason
Flowers always die, and roses always fade
Yet the light in your eye never goes away
From your swaying hair to your little painted toes
You caught my eye like a raging river flows
The moment was beautiful and the day was great
I’ll never forget your smile and the way you navigate
Lucky I was that day that you came into my life
How funny I had the only seat to sit beside
A couple little laughs, a couple little pages
Brought us to a place, where only a special thing could take us
A long night of cuddling brought a morning of rain
That’s when happiness began and sorrows began to fade
Piece after piece, connecting dot after dot
The mind begins to wonder why or why not
Yet life cannot be controlled by what ifs or circumstance
You must follow your heart and it will lead you down the right path
The road you take may not be easy probably will be tough
But know you wouldn’t be alone and you have a hand to hold if you chose to go
I’m a man with a vision and a man with a plan
My mind is filled with things you will never understand
Give it a little time and soon enough you’ll know
Nothing is as bad as being with someone and still being alone
Remember one thing as I end my line of thought
Our minds are now connected like the chamber inside a lock
Memories always last and feelings sometimes fade
Lover or a friend ill be in your life for that debate 

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