Citizen Spy

It's scary dangerous out there
this world sure feels so unsafe
There's constant conflict, uprisings and strife
Got me beefing up home security
increasing my life insurance annuity
Even had to start extreme vetting my wife

It's uber hazardous out there
this country sure seems like a lawless place
There's constant violence, protests and soft targeting
Had to buy a high-caliber gun
added lots more cyber protection
Even started questioning the affiliations of close friends

It is what it is
I'm learning to adapt
Be more wary, keep a watchful eye
My government needs me
to fill the intelligence gap
Guess you can call me a citizen spy

It's double red alert out there
local communities with hidden enemies to trace
There's constant warfare of a multi-facet kind
Got bio, got religious
Got economic --- they're all insidious
I collected every conspiracy theory I could find

I'll be doing my part
'cause threats are everywhere
Presume you guilty in the blink of an eye
Just a patriot at heart
will make you vanish into thin air
Unless you pledge to become a citizen spy

It is what it is
you better learn to adapt
Become more skillful at knowing how to pry
Your government wants you
so contact the authorities ASAP
Get recruited and become a citizen spy

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