City At Midnight

The pastor closes the doors
At Sun down because there’s a girl
Coming to sleep on the steps at night
With nowhere else to go,
She turns to the concrete slabs
For the sweet sounds of bed time
As she faces her back to the traffic lights,
And she waits for sleep to take over her
On the steps of a glorious church
Where she slumbers
Though a bed waits for her in Heaven
Being fluffed by the feathers of an angel’s wings
And with a living emotion of Love,
These unfortunate things
Make the highest thrones in Heaven
O City! How I Love thee
Shall I see thy peace?
Or will I ever even?
What this little girl tells me is
I approach the Lord on a Sunday
With head bowed in a sinner’s demeanor
When there has already been forgiveness
If the Faith inside allows me
To follow more often
Thee Loving comfort
Happening all over thy city

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