City Lights

I sit on these steps and all I see
is an array of city lights
but it's so much more than that to me
The city lights shine so bright
but don't blind me
for it's the feeling, not the sight
the smell of local diners fill the night
mixed with a warm summer breeze
filled with ocean tides and palm trees
the cobblestone streets look as though they're tarnished
the stars are all but vanished
but in their place
are city lights that fill this space
A passerby smiles
almost as if to say
I could walk in this city for miles
Silhouettes of tall buildings can be found
The bustling crowds have quieted down
all but faint laughs of tourists and locals
that have found a place in this town
I see lights that come from window panes at dusk
But some are fast asleep in their homes above us
There is something so peaceful
something so meaningful
perhaps it's the city lights
that remind me that this place is full of life
full of discovery, harmony, and beauty in the night
This city still holds places yet to discover
that if I stay here long enough I can uncover

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