City of Dreams

The archetectual designs
are what refines their stature
although slightly fractured,
Glamorous is the sight of city lights that ignite the night
while narrow streets
are occupied by eyes unlikely to meet
and those who constantly seek
in each dark alley way that once surrendered to defeat,
sealing their fate
and leaving some to only hate the wealthy
to which earns little sympathy

Each morning so brisk
gives every reason to risk
a myriad of opportunities stand before me,
each crosswalk is treaded on by people of many professions
moving forward hastily to the subway stations
dressed in the latest fashions
with such a passion to be appreciated

As they whip past,
The winds lay down my defenses
imposing an impasse of potent fumes that pollute the air
along with the stench of sewers everywhere
The two combined clash with steamy hot pretzels sold on every corner
That is more than enough to satisfy the hunger
flout my senses

This is the city of dreams
where you can live to extremes
where you are reborn
and ready to step into the new norm

The city of dreams and its wondrous schemes
meant only for the sedulous undaunted spirit that will impede the meak
its up to you who you will be

The city of dreams
you either make it or break it
its no free delivery

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