City of Transplants

Yellows and reds and oranges and browns,
All over the trees of his once hometown.
Now lost memories and dreams of that place,
All green and grey here, no colors to face.
A city in a valley on a sound,
Filled with tall buildings rising from the ground.
Folks file into boxes out of sight,
A different crowd by day and by night.
One gal comes from the great open plains,
Oklahoma, with its tornados;
Now she lives in a city of rain,
And bides her time working in shadows.
There is one man who comes from Kentucky;
He came with no good plan, wishing to see
What some called hope, a grand little city,
Full and bursting with opportunity.
Kentucky had been a land of the free,
But farms failed, people fled for better lives;
From the heartland of this great old country
Come into this new bustling tinsel hive
Two more, this a newlywed couple.
They came from California,
Driving in a top-down blue Porsche.
But the sun does not shine on this place.
In a coffeeshop, they met each other with a frown,
And each one thought, Are there no happy folks in this town?

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This Poems Story

My name is Nathaniel Slattery, and I am twenty-one years old. I've lived in Seattle for eight years but am originally from New England. I am a business owner in home services. The poem was inspired by my observation of Seattle culture. If you really enjoyed it, I am humbled.