The city lights..stretching up so high
dancing...singing...vying for all of our eyes... trying their best to compete with the stars. Should we be alarmed?
For the grandest buildings formed by the hands of mortal man
can not a glimmer of hope with velvet night sky bright with stars stand a chance. For the magnificant splendor in all of it's divine majesty.
The planets, stars and galaxies
do not even bow in to compete
While all mans inventions cry pick me! Pick me!
Concrete and glass out stretching their hands...metal to sharpen an edge here and there
Plain foolish to think they could even compare.
Rivers of tar racing with cars
around our concrete forests, gardens of metal and stone.
People marching round and round upon their concrete moats.
Light shows and digital displays
created with intent to amaze.
So captivating and busy
If not careful they will inprison you and me.
For stop...quiet...tip your faces up into the beauty of our night time sky
in the silence and awe tears I cry
both for the divine majestic beauty above
obviously designed and created by love
And beneath our you hear? Do you see
for the grass and crickets, great trees, moss and thickets...the creeks and ponds, the birds and frogs...
Whose call was it to dispose of so many living brethren to be replaced by the cold harsh lines of so many cityscapes?

Stacy Rae

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