Civil Unrest

As foreboding mists do swirl about a devilish darkness twirl
Enticing those stricken by both the evil and the wicked
Spawning the demonic from both the dead and the catatonic
Malevolence is speculating while screams are resonating
As the innocents do die by either a decision or a sadistic lie
Why ever again would this be within the beating hearts of men
Those blood, tears, and pain; atrocities that are humanities bane
Long lost is unconditional love; forgotten with the sacrificial dove
Overwhelmed we are by sorrow, will it hurt less in the morrow
Whenever travesties occur, for hope simply gaze into a mirror
Ignore evil lust for violence thus ending in macabre compliance
Thus the confiscation of hope being hanged by gallows rope
Witness your shattered heart, putting it together part by part
Age prepares one for death and the sting of the reaper’s breath
To witness innocents in graves offering to death us as slaves
Instead of beauty sublime we’re enveloped in a wretched time

His rays encircle the lost as he already paid the greatest of cost

Through Him love was never grander even over man’s self grandeur
There judged by the most high, sins forgiven, their souls truly fly
Being blessed for their courage it is here that they will greatly flourish
Lovingly watching over their families who never forget the travesties
They send them comfort and love unconditionally, joyfully from above
While experiencing eternal joy it’s forgiveness they can finally employ
Though the act was sick; by all rights the assailant deserved a fiery pit
They chose the path of compassion despite every evil and transgression
The families will continue to mourn not knowing their loved one is reborn
As they eternally bask in Heaven’s light far beyond our mortal sight
It’s here they’ve chosen to wait as they have transcended the worldly state
And some day soon they know that their families will be welcomed home

While many feel under persecution together we must find a grand solution
Striving to remember those gone and in their memory peacefully move on
We must reconcile our differences while regarding all the consequences
To learn from our tainted past decisions and creating new equal provisions
Never mind the color of our skin because in His eyes we are all related as kin
With every badge comes great responsibility, but most importantly hospitality
Whether dressed in blues or regular jeans a revival of love is what we direly need
I ask for you to think with love supreme as a great Doctor once said, “I Have A Dream!”

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