Civil War

it's a struggle everyday, not to go under
in a way, I start to wonder
stuck in a daze, in limbo I plunder...
looking for direction, away from myself
need protection, from this living hell
so much depression, not feeling well
a misconception, you can never tell...
fighting this war, going on in my head
can't take it anymore, feelings are dead
going back and forth, so much was said...
am I going mad, I believe so
way so sad, feel so broke
can't get mad, under stress I choke...
this road is rough, can't even sleep
it's never enough, bad blood runs deep
try to stay tough, but I feel so weak
call your bluff, try to reach your peak...
why am I so down, laying in this empty place
when no one's around, these demons I face
my thoughts they surround, I'm out of space
hell bound, I rest my case...
do I seem insane, me arguing with me
no one to blame, so many to please
I'll never be same, that's not hard to see
no longer a game, so leave me be
locked away pain, without a key.

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