Class Of 2012

I can not believe that,
SENIOR year is already here,
where has it gone?
Yes, I will shed more than one tear,
while we go our seperate ways,
I will cherish this year forever,
Keeping all the memoreies that we made and shared,
no, I will not forget them,
to the class of 2012,
we made it though!
Without highschool it will be different,
now it is up to you.
Make the mose of your life,
I just want to say,
good luck and never change who you are,
live day by day.
Highschool was a stepping stone for us,
Freshman year, we were unpolished dimonds in the rough;
all of the teachers we had picked us up dusted off,
polished little by little,
Now as SENIORSwe are polished dimonds and tough,
We left a legacy behind.
Now look around,
and would the class of 2012 please stand up,
because We Made It!
Congratuations to us!

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