Class of 2014

You took my life and claimed it as your own
Even took the ones I love the most
I wish so bad I never got close
To what your doing to all the young folks
What's even sad is some days I don't care
I just accept the things as they are

I was happy once beautiful soul
Turned me ugly full of sorrow
Walking down the highway of glass
Never ending or a way back
In the class of 2014
See more people always joining
No one graduates only flailing
Always sketching but no ones drawing

Let me tell you a little about me
My name is Twyla and people know me
I'm the Miss 200 diva queen
Used to be the one you had to beat
Til this bubble took everything
That mattered most and special to me


Maybe one day I will break free
To live my life the way its s'posed to be
My biggest dream that matters to me
Help somebody by my story
Tell everyone you know about me

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