Claude Monet ‘81

Bright colors of yellow and shadows of orange entangle me as they firmly, yet calmly twist and turn in a never-ending dream of peace
I can't help myself but to gaze back
I forget about life while my brain is transfixed on the unceasing vision of solitude, tranquility, and satisfaction
This vastly invincible fantasy of concord has no malice, not an ounce of envy, and not a speck of anger
I watch each vibrant yellow flower turn towards its own dreams like a sailor gallivanting on the great sapphire seas wondering what his next destination will grant him
The petals that float on my pale teal wall transport me to another realm with no stain of fear or worry of my newest change in progression
I find serenity in my latest perception
Paintings are forever, as are the bright tones that swirl in my direction
I listen carefully to the sunflowers flowers delicately howling your life is free and your forthcomings are no exception

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