Claws and Fangs

You are the epitome of sadness,
The light in your eyes only belongs to others that you've sucked dry,
The claws you call hands and the sharp fangs you call teeth clench onto whatever they can so they don't Sink Into the darkness.
You are scared of growing old yet you try so hard to grow up.
As if the satisfying taste of older men will put you in a stalemate with mortality.
That‘s not how it works.
You are going to grow older, and the taste of older men will become bitter. The feeling on the tip of your tongue once you speak his name will become the greatest delicacy you have ever tasted.
Your claws Will be filed down into perfectly filled finger nails and the sharp fangs that drag across your lips Will shrink into pearly white teeth.
You Will learn to laugh.
You Will learn to love.
It's not too late for you I promise.
So please, unclench your fists from dragging me With you and we can swim together.

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