Clear Glass Box

Eyes of innocents escape's the pain,
age and wisdom come with a cost,
when you're enclosed in a clear glass box,
alive and awake is the panic and fear,
shout, cry, they won't hear,

scratches down your throat with every breath,
vexation squeezes out life, a dark cloud comes overhead,
then, like a disease, numb will spread

As the feeling drains, so does your happiness
the childlike smile will fade,
lips are sewn,
wounds that will not heal, show to the bone,

wanting to forget, but the memory heavy on your chest,
those who you thought held you dear,
left you right when you needed them near,
left with nothing but helplessness,
first denial, then acceptance,
of the fate that has befallen,

enclosed inside a clear glass box,
shake the wall but it is a lock with no key,
trapped inside your own memory,
suddenly you understand how nothing feels,
and dying to feel what life is once more,
gasping for air as your breath grows short,
forgive those who caused the hurt,
be at peace, you've made it through,
just what God had planned for you,

the cold ground underneath,
knees close, arms grown week
Rest your head, close your eyes,
dream of the days before the lies,
you are person better than before,
because of the pain you had to endure
be at peace
and let it be known,
that you are no longer on your own,
the trials has shown you what is right,
glass shatters, it's the end of the fight,
now home in in heavily bliss.

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