Clear yellow air

How do you breath when you are sinking?
The grey is the light in my black thinking.
I crave a 10th of perfection but I can’t achieve a 10th of that.
Blinking is an effort off achieving.

Yellow clear air please I seek you,
Yellow clear air I barely believe you,
Yellow clear air, oh please I need you,
My mind is dark grey & I’m trying to breath when I need you.

My favourite colour is yellow, where are you yellow? All I see is dark grey through the black, sometimes I wished I did crack, just to see the yellow.

On the 7th day he rested, on the 7th day I caught a glimpse of the yellow after 6 dark grey days. I’d love to reverse but my minds all polluted, all I crave is that clear yellow air & all I think is this is not fair.

Why yellow clear air can I not reach you?
Why is the grey the closest I can get to you?
All I crave in my mind is to breath you,
Please yellow clear air I’m dying to breath you.

Will I only meet the yellow clear air amongst the grey when I’m burning,
It will be too late & at the end still be the grey all I’m breathing.
Please I beg yellow clear please meet me,
All I ask is one breath, please I’m dying to breath you.
Yellow clear air I’m more than ready to meet you.

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