I used to
Rub static out of my eyes. Don't pretend.
The charge is fleeting and there are no jumper cables.
Muscle fiber twitching as if post-mortem, but an all too
Cognizant soul lingers.
External stimuli is required for the necessary shock.
A swim in freezing waters, a rolling meadow that reminds me
Of that time when experience was new and any step I took
Was a step forward.
I just felt a little jolt. That's good.
Write down the date and time it happened.
How long does it continue to surge before it is quickly dampened
By the ensuing sand storm of the present.

Recognize the high voltage gift that is youth.
The buzz you feel when you lie on the grass or taste a lemon.
The subtle tickle of synapses firing.
We are born with lightning
That is later used to power an electric fence
Right now I need to feel it right now I need to feel it

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