Clidemen East

Scott Klingensmith
Clidemen East

Chapter One

A therapist gets out of his black car holding his dark brown suitcase. He shuts the door making this echoing sound across the morning dew on the grassy hill in October. He walks up the old cracked cement staircase where there is no railing oddly enough. As his right hand grabs a hold of the cold brass doorknob he turns it with force. He walks inside of the psychiatric hospital. Far from society its ward stands high up in the damp cold air in a town called Harper. As the tall brown rusted doors close behind him, a large sign outside the building reads Clidemen East. As he walks inside for the first time he hears nothing, only the ticking of the clock that hung above the main office where emergency numbers were kept and a small typewriter laid upon the bright yellow painted desk. "Emergency numbers"? he thought to himself, family members have dropped off their own family members for a reason they suspected this was a place to cure all illnesses including pardon my french "Retarded" patients. We all know there are no emergency contacts they will call because they are here for a reason...Right? As he takes his dark green coat off his broad shoulders he hangs it up on the coat rack near the main office window. A woman approaches the window with a name on her uniform saying "Joanna" What a name he thought, it fits perfectly here i guess. "Hello sir how can i help you"? Joanna asked the therapist with a large smile on her face as she was clearly showing off her new dentist work. "Hello ma'am i'm the new doctor here, i called Mr. Gridek yesterday about today’s meeting" he replied to Joanna while looking up at the water leak on the floor above, you couldn't have missed it when you're new to the building. "ok may i please see some I.D sir"? Joanna asked giving out her left hand to the new doctor waiting for his I.D to land in her hand. He hands her his I.D. Fredrick Grisman is his name. He was top of his class in college, Doctor/Psychologist. When he was only 16 years old his brown hair and his eyes dark green eyes he was studying the human mind and medicine for "history lessons" on the way humans think and why we think the way we do think. He has studied works from Sigmund Freud and Jean - Martin Charcot. Fredrick always wanted to solve hard problems in life. especially helping with patients and trying to understand why they are the way they are. Or if they are truly insane or they just don't understand how the way the world does work outside these walls of thoughts here at Clidemen East. As Joanna gets his paperwork in the back of the main office Fredrick hears a faint noise coming from behind him. " I know you're thoughts " whispers into his ear as his hair on his neck stands up straight. Fredrick turns around as he sees a young woman standing in front of him, she laughs as she twirls her hand into the air and starts dancing with one foot in front of the other. She has long dirty blonde hair and blue eyes. She didn't look like she was eating, her weight was interesting to Fredrick. Maybe it was the medicine she was taking who knows. As she dances back into the main living room of the hospital one of the staff see's her and he puts his arm on her shoulder " Where did you end up going to this time Merilyn"? The staff was all wearing bright blue colored uniforms with the symbol of a bird attached to the top right corner. "Why a bird Joanna"? Fredrick asks with a concerned look on his face. Joanna looks down quickly at the bird on her uniform " Because it is a symbol of freedom, even though we have patients here doesn't mean they can't have dreams and wishes just like us. That’s how we work here Mr. Gisman Everyone on the outside of these walls just assume that they don't have souls or they cannot laugh or sing or dance, maybe they can't like us but they still have the same existence as the rest of us. We aren't here to change them Mr. Gisman we are here just to help them along with the process of life" Joanna leans back from the counter with a smile on her face. " But some here are because they assaulted people, hell even their own family members right?" Fredrick asked harshly. "Yes Mr. Gisman but in their hearts they're kind. The most dangerous thing here is our minds" Joanna finished up with his paperwork and started handing Fredrick the files with everything about himself on a bright green sheet of paper. "You are all set Mr. Gisman , i will escort you to Mr. Gridek's office" as Joanna gets up from her orange desk chair she walks Fredrick to Mr. Gridek's office just around the hallway. "How many patients am i going to be assisting and studying with Joanna"? Fredrick asked while looking at the patients rooms. "13 Mr. Gisman, we recently had an issue with our one patients but she is gone from our facility as of a further investigation" Joanna replied grasping her hands together as if she was not allowed to tell Fredrick that piece of information. "What happened to her? its important i know all the information and evidence of this hospital if i’m willing to work here for these patients. Present and former patients that is" Fredrick said bluntly. Joanna seemed hesitant to tell Fredrick about the patient who left Clidemen East but she had to because he did need to know everything that happened there. "The doctor before had an issue with one of our patients, Her name was Sylvia Ryder, she was a young 16 year old patient here and she lost her parents from a car accident. She was the states problem so to speak, She was sent here because she was poor and her family had no money. The doctor before you wanted to try an experiment on her" Joanna said with a long sigh in the middle of the sentence. "An experiment of what? isn't that illegal?" Fredrick asked with his eyebrows down looking confused. "Mr. Gisman you have to understand that not everyone is looking into a world where what they call trash is living inside these walls, wasted space some may say on their society living with the rest of them, it was a hush hush experiment and no one knew until something awful happened to Sylvia Ryder. The doctor wanted to see if he could "Fix" her mind, The thing was is that she was a bright young girl yet no one wanted to listen to her" Joanna replied with a guilt voice. "Did you listen to her"? Fredrick asked already knowing the answer but he is a doctor. "Of course i did , i knew she didn't belong here at Clidemen East, But a poor young girl who had no family no one cared about where she ended up nor what happened to her. I tried helping her one day. But the doctor caught me trying to help and he told me that he would have me fired and arrested for helping an "Insane woman" because he thought i was helping the acts of helping her and not studying her back then. So the doctor proceeded with trying to "fix" her, a young girl such as herself was a quiet girl that didn't want to trust anyone in this place because she was afraid so people will of course end up thinking she is crazy. As she was sitting in the doctors chair he wanted to start with the lobotomy" Joanna was disgusted telling this story. But then he went too far with the experiment, Literally too far. He ended up killing her here in that chair from acts of violence and torture because he just wanted answers. This all took place in the basement here and it was only during night hours you must understand if anyone knew about this it would be forbidden to do so. Before the doctor was caught and arrested for this crime he told me something that change my outlook on these patients. He told me that you cannot fix the patients you have to simply listen to them. i have always thought something wasn't right with the doctor before but now i understand that he had a dark side in him trying to fix her with tools and not words. We think we are insane Mr. Gisman but our minds sometimes cannot cope with the reality of what is truly out there for us in the world. She lost her parents, isn't that enough for Sylvia? She needed a home not a torture chamber for trying to get clues on how to fix the human mind it is to simply try to help them climb back down from the fires of their own thoughts" Joanna stopped at a white door in the hallway looking into the room. Sylvia Ryder wasn't insane Mr. Gisman she was simply misjudged for a science experiment" Joanna started to tear up. "This was her room"? Fredrick asked while placing his hand upon Joanna's back for comfort. "It always will be her room, it is a reminder to the staff that what the doctor before you did to her was wrong and it will not be forgotten to us. These patients aren't here to hurt us, they just don't know how to communicate there hurt inside their own minds to us, but now that you're here i am hoping that we can move forward with this hospital". Joanna wiped away the small tears under her blue eyes and moved on down the hallway.

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