Climate Change, Oh Climate Change

Endangered animals all around, glaciers melting without a sound.
Think about koalas, kangaroos too, no matter what, no bamboo.
Carbon dioxide everywhere you look, now you are starting to get pretty hooked!
Even if you try, it’s not enough, but everything counts, we get it, it’s tough.
Cooling is not an option, it’s just a misconception. Without a doubt, it just won’t happen.
Scary is certain, totally, one way to help, conserve energy!
Recycling, decompose, a win for the Earth. Maybe it can help the glaciers up north!
Obviously helping Earth can very much happen, but we need more people to jump into action.
So hurry now before it’s too late. The sun is strong, it can really annihilate.
Come on now we need your help, this is our planet, we shouldn’t have to yell!
Warm climate is all that we feel, so hurry now let’s get real!
Picking up trash is not to our appeal, but we caused this so it’s pretty ideal.
So now I think I have said what I need, I think our deal is a really good deed.
Thank you for listening, that's all I have, and no you won’t have to sign a contract.

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