Hello! My name is Pearl.
I'm a 2 year old girl.
I do not know what makes me do this,
but I love to matter the risk.
I'll climb up stairs, I'll climb on chairs.
I love to climb big dirt piles.
When I’m at the top I can see for miles.
I'll climb into a my big red wagon
just to pretend I'm chasing a fire breathing dragon.
I'll climb up my mom's dining room hutch,
then she'll say, “You're too much”.
I'll climb up a ladder,
which would make her even madder.
I tried climbing a tree,
but my mom would not let me.
I once tried to climb a chain link fence,
which my mom showed no tolerance.
My favorite is climbing out of the bath tub.
Where my mom would give me a great big towel hug.
My mom will let me climb into bed
where she would give me a hug and kiss on my head.
Until tomorrow morning
that's when I'll climb up... the Empire State Building.

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