She never knew how lonely the hours could get
One tick after another
Staring at that clock
Like a lover in disguise
She had been so excited for this night
Twas the night were she got to be alone
With the only ones who seemed to understand her
And now
Even they had forgotten her
She slowly got up to pour herself another brandy
Her leg seem to not want to move
And so she went down
Her skull met the side of a table
And suddenly she was in another land
Walking down familiar streets
With people waving and smiling at her
It was so uncommon
She almost didn't believe it
But they danced with her till the sun rose
And loved her
Like she had never been loved before
But suddenly , her world she loved so
Crumbled to pieces
And she became conscious
Of her normal world
Where nobody cared about her
Except for the clock
That sang its song its song

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