Clockwise Goes My List

Not a broken dream, but a distant wish
The ticking clock has not bought yet
In tightening seams, no thought to unravel
Chase to imagine what is once caught

Giddy memories, nothing short as a tryst
I say this to be named on my list

These skeleton hands in motion, but do not waiver on my watch
Pleasures they fade with their notion
Down to the right, they cannot turn the screw another way
So cling to their bones after I've fought

Criminal betrayal, none ends well that resists
I pass this onto my list

A baritone face at the hour, a night terror day long
My watch puts me where I am detained
Destined for sole purpose, freedom or loose
Unraveled threads lay where there is no breath

Lost in believing, there must be more to miss
And onward 'round to my list

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