Close Encounters with a Carnivore

Asphyxiation as my eyes are fixated on the next target,
Throat tightening, claws frightening
I draw near quiet and still
Silent with a will
Anything for the thrill
I am a wolf.

Suffocation as my ears hear tiptoes of the next target,
Beauty fleeting, no chance in retreating
I draw near teeth sinking in
Hungry for skin
She screams and I grin
I am a fox.

Palpitations as my heart races for the next target,
Beats skipping, saliva dripping
I draw near careful to wait
My prey takes the bait
And she meets her fate
I am a snake.

Fascinations as my mind yearns for the next target,
Charming yet alarming
I draw near ready to enchant
Hoping perchance
I can get in her pants- I am a predator.

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