Close-Knit Through Covid


Seven months ago, out of nowhere, Covid came.
It turned our lives upside down,
like the violent winds of a hurricane.
We were forced to change our way of life,
like we never have before.
Things we once took for granted,
we could not do anymore.
We've spent much more time at home,
than we have in the past.
Maybe it's been hard on some; for me it's been a blast!
I've spent more quality time with my family
than I have in a long time.
We've bonded and become stronger.
We're each other's lifelines.
Sharing more meals, laughter and stories
about what's going on,
Bring us closer as a family;
and keep us close-knit and strong.
I could dwell on the negatives and things I can't do.
But I choose to focus on what I've gained
and let that see me through.
"There's good in every bad", I've heard some people say
I cherish the blessings I receive, each and every day.
Nothing lasts forever and change will surely come.
So live this chapter of life to the fullest,
while preparing for the next one.

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