Close the door

Dark, damp, and quiet
the hallways echoed of my foot steps
silence and fear run down my spine
strolling in an area always familiar to me
but only to have a strange energy in it
flashes of my past are hanging on the walls
laughter within
love within
only to be reminded of what once was
the ambience starts to grow fierce as I walk closer to the door
the sound of your voice in my conscience, in my ear
comments of who I was, what I've done
the pain and misery weighs down on me
feeling the entrapment, unable to detach
but my strength and control overpowers the obstacles
negating the defeat as I approach the door
and as I'm at the door
your face appears, so elegant, so beautiful
but I know this place has no vacancy for me
so one last time, I look you in your face to express my feelings
and with the might of all my last loving
I am now able to close the door and return the key!

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This Poems Story

A true story of a man who was not able to fix a situation with the woman he broke and tried to fix. The love she carries he misses and wanted it back but knew he couldnt so he had no choice but to move on.