Close To Home Trayvon

I walk in this rainy city, just to find out he doesn't like me.
A man breath like me,all along is watching after me.
A young black man marked by society because crimes are committed,
and judged by my black hoodie cause i could fit it.
I'm a young man like to play sports!
do things that god doesn't expect of me sometime,
it's not for you to judge me, or read my mind.
Almost home so i decide to call my friend,
cause this rain doesn't end.
We talk on the phone cause i'm close to home,
just to find out i'm not alone.
Wow it's this creepy white man,
and each corner i hit" there he stand.
I'm really getting upset because you starring me down,
and still approaching me like you don't want me around.
So now you ask" what i'm doing around here?
and i approach you without fear.
Yes it jump off in the wrong way,
now my god look over me as i lay.
I should have called the police on my phone,
cause i was just a couple of blocks away from home.
Just another young man gone away,
and hope injustice come to a end one day.
For all the young people that walk alone,
if danger is near call the police even if your close to home.

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