Close Your Eyes

I close my eyes and let reality drift away;
My mind takes me on a journey, far from where my body lay.
Every place tells me a story whispering it in an undertone,
But this last trip is a familiar back home.
I walk up the driveway in uniform and steel-toe boots-
They feel twice as heavy, knowing you aren't there moot.
I grasp the handle, open the door and slowly step in.
The words,"Oh Edward" sound like an angelic hymn.
Mom is standing, waiting at the top of the stairs,
Her beautiful smile revealing why I was led there.
I run up and embrace her as the little boy of hers I am within-
Holding her tightly, feeling her warmth in my heart again.
Her long, mahogany brown hair flows as a weeping willow tree;
From cancer's shackles, she has been finally set free.
I proudly show you my school uniform, as I've always wanted to do;
I tell you about my life in Ottawa, every detail through.
Your hazel eyes shine looking at the man your son has become,
Holding true to his promise to stay strong for his mum.
You caress my face and tell me you have something to say,
One last reminder before to reality I drift back away.
"Moot isn't suffering anymore and never truly gone will she be;
I am alive in your memories, just close your eyes and see.
I am a part of you now-that's where I will forever be."

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