Closed Minds Kill

Forgotten souls hide in a sea of questioned ideals,
Following the tides of misunderstanding and failure,
Thinking at first, that excellence is near,
And demise is just a dead dream,
But then reality sinks in.
Promising ideals die like bacteria drowned in bleach,
Quickly erased from society, never to return again,
Unless some unique, new soul forces what was once destroyed,
Back into society's reality, hoping that these same ideals,
Won't meet its maker for a second time,
This soul has hope for a new beginning,
A revolution, if you will, but the hope is slight,
So minuscule that it's a step from invisible,
This soul can scream and yell as loud as a lions roar,
But still no one hears,
This soul can paint a picture bigger than Mt. Everest itself,
But still no one sees,
This soul can brush this ideal against every other soul alive,
But still no one feels,
This souls reinitiated, old, forgotten ideal is like a key,
That can open any door imaginable, with infinite possibilities,
The problem is simple enough, even though no solution is tried,
This key fits no lock to any door,
So this unique, new soul lies forgotten in the sea,
Just like the ideal that died along with it.

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