By Drod   


Closure, what does that really mean? I thought that distance would make the memories  fade, but I’m haunted by the dreams that remind me of you. I saw your smile, and it gave me hope. But when the night turned into day, I was reminded that you were gone, and so my heart ached. Time went by and the memories slowly drifting away.
My heart finally healed from the pain. I kept a part of you to remind me that your love was once real. I knew it wasn’t mine to keep. I kept it hidden and there were times I didn’t stare at it. But when the world was cruel and I wanted to remember love, I opened the box and there it was - a symbol of the family we wished to share. I could see the child we named Justice. She would have been brave. She had my smile, and your last name. Justice, a symbol of truth, accomplishments, and equality - her name was perfect. She was a part of you and me. I closed the box with all the hope I wished for. I walked away, and I knew one day I’d give it back. 
I was waiting for the right moment in time - I dreamed about it. I was going to be happy, free, and you were going to smile back and tell me goodbye. Our love was real, but time stopped and the love we had was  only for a moment. You looked at me with no regrets, you were proud - as much as I was proud of you! We came from a past that haunted our present. It was hard to love with pain. Oct 31,2019  I was finally ready, this time it wasn’t a dream. I saw your face and there was no smile. Your eyes were different. My heart pounded, and I second-guessed myself. Is this the real time? Am I ready? I spoke the words in my head. I was saying goodbye. I gave you the box that I treasure for years. It didn’t matter what the world thought I should do. It was time to give this ring back to you. 

I said the words I’d hope to say. But you interrupted me and the world stopped. You changed the memory of a warm winter night, sitting on sand while the world celebrated new beginnings. It was just us, away from home, with the Caribbean surrounding us.  

You looked at the box and called it “GARBAGE” while all these years I called it a treasure.

Garbage, it meant nothing. You walked away.
You changed the story and now I know it meant nothing. Now, it’s time, like you said, to toss it away. 

Closure, I was waiting, but with one step,
It took me back to a place of pain. But at the end this pain is what I needed. I’m free. 

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The poem is about letting go