I know that you’re right when you say what you say,
It’s just hard to believe that this is the way,
The way to happiness, to free my mind,
I’m trying to move on when there’s still this bind,

A bind on my thoughts and the noose on my heart,
I wish it’d take its absence like it was at the start,
When things were simple, when my mind was clear,
When I had no intentions, no limitations, no fear.

Fear to do as I’ve always done,
But now I just feel weak, like the bullet from a gun,
Appears to be strong, but when used by the scared,
It gets you no where but dead, or mentally impaired.

I don’t need that now, nor have I ever,
I’ve always seemed to get out one way or another,
It’s just hard when it’s fresh, when you’re still in my head,
You’re not laying here anymore, I’m all alone in my bed.

I guess that’s just how it should be for now,
I’ve been hurting myself this whole time not thinking of how,
How I might be able to come out of this okay,
I feel like I’m drained in the worst kind of way,

The kind of way that only time will tell,
Of how to get passed this and not continue to dwell,
Dwell on what I subconsciously thought to be progression,
To what I see now as wasted expression,

For you were able to see what others can only dream of,
I guess I need to be more careful who I let fit my glove,
That connection just fooled me, even if it was true,
I should’ve known not to trust a person like you,

Where you thought my intentions false all along,
Well I’m here to tell you, you couldn’t be more wrong,
I know who I am and what I stand for,
Thank you for the closure, it’s time to open the door.

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