I do wonder sometimes if I wasn’t who I am now, how would I handle situations that I’m avoiding now?
If I wasn’t nice enough to forgive over and over again, would I hold grudges?
If I was just like the rest would you choose me then? Would you stay longer? Would you care more? Would I be enough? Would it be different?
See I try to do everything by the rule, hell I even try to bend the rules a little, went out of my ways to be noticed, maybe it not for me. See I,
I am that girl that waited even after you left
I am that girl that loved you even when you couldn’t
I am that girl that forgives even when you didn’t deserve it
I was the one that held you up even when you were down
I accepted you even when you were broke
You were still the lights in my eyes even when they see nothing but the darkness
You were my truth although all you were was just a box of lies
They say people make mistakes damn it’s a shame that’s all you’ll be known for
Because all of this blinded me into to believing that you were pure but you were as lost as the rest of us and there was nothing wrong with me.
Let me quickly give myself a clap because in deal with you hell yes I deserve it
In loving you oh my I was too good
In letting you go my dear I was strong
But most importantly in giving myself peace I was a boss

Queens don’t need closure

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