Cloud Paintings

White cloud paintings floating on sky blue canvas
Curious eyes searching up and towards the Heavens
Ideas flowing as if coming from one artist to the other
Softly drifting magically from one dream into another

Seen in so many ways from different hearts it's so amazing
Feathered lines forming magic mysteries leaving us all gazing
Soft winds blowing sending them reeling as if turning pages
Making the next feathery stroke create yet another new image

Sky blue canvas filled with red, orange and yellow hues
Colors like these, from dusk to dawn, can keep any heart amused
AS if informed ahead of all that need this time to feel so right
Yet as darkness falls glistening stars shine down on us bright

Lighting our way keeping us in sight no worries of going astray
So many amazing paintings keeping us safe come night or da
One day it will be me-painting for you-my hearts desires
From dusk til dawn-starlit night-sky filled fires

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