Cloud written

Pop a perc just to feel
Another one to make time stay still
Line after line to stay awake because the night terrors haunt my like the dead
I see the devil in my closet
They say its fake
It's a doctors word that its a mistake
He hand feeds the demons that terrorize my reality
Pouring out like a running faucet
So I stay in the shade decide to be a living shade of grey
He wants to claim me like a forbidden prize
I'll never see the colors of the sunrise
Black and white Vison is the disease
The seasons seize
They never seem to change
Even when the trees shed the leaves
Because the truth is times bleeding
There's no bandaid for the winter freee in
No drain for the spring rain
It floods to deprive
It should come to know suprise
I have no soul
No matte how deep you dive
So don't even try
When the clouds arrive uninvited
My Incubus collides
I'm on mood stabalizers and anti psychotics
Because they diagnosed me psychotic
Now I'm a living label gods own personal dining room table
That he stacks everything on top of
Its to heavy to bare
Lord lighten the load it's not fair
They don't know me
All the prescriptions have me feeling like a zombie
They forget I'm not undead
They control my life because my trauma keeps getting fed
All your prayers won't save me
They'll only further contain me

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