Clouds - An Informative Poem

What’s that thing, so high up there?
Tiny water droplets form that we can see in the air!
They are also known as clouds, and they live in the sky,
Some are wet, and some are dry,
They hang out in a layer of atmosphere,
Closest to earth,
And I’m here to tell you,
About cloud’s birth,
Clouds are made up of many different particles,
Sea Salt, dust, dirt, but that’s another article,
The particles are also called condensation nuclei,
They attract the vapor, pull it higher in the sky,
Different types of clouds, look different in many ways,
Some appear as just a haze,
Here are some different types of clouds,
When you hear the name, you will be wowed,
Cirrus, they are made out of ice crystals,
They appear white and fluffy, maybe you know this still,
Cirrostratus, a blanket of white in the atmosphere,
They disappear so the sky then becomes clear,
Last but not least, the cirrocumulus,
They are sheet-like and rippled, and can be quite humongous,
There is a lot more to know about clouds,
But I have so little time to wow this big crowd,
So catch you on the flip side, see you later,
I hope you liked this poem, don’t be a hater!

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This Poems Story

I wrote this poem for my science class. It is not my best work, but it was very difficult to rhyme all of these scientific words!