Clutches Of Deceit

In the eve of forgiveness
all is calm and right in the heart.
The ghost of rage can rest
and in that eve, unspeakable words fly.
The forked tongue of malice leaves your mouth
and strikes my temple.
The ghost awakens and the fury is
unleashed upon bystanders.
Your words have echoed in me
and magnified in my actions,
the reason for my distemper,
the reason I challenge the world.
My glimmer of hope vanished in a phrase.
My shell cracks beneath
the power of the ghost's anger.
He rages through synapses and
burroughs through the gray
As you destroy me from the outside,
he has obliterated the interior.
My being is locked, trapped in a void.
His actions take form and begin with you.
He knows of your treachery,
he feels the pain you left in me.
He will lash out against you,
and all I can do is write this to you;
A warning with sincerity...
I still want to forgive you.

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