Coaches don’t play

have u fallen in love anytime ?
My smile made a big curve this time
I had worn a big old glass spectacles
Under the false belief that size
Of ur specs denotes degree
of knowledge hidden Inside !!
Though I was skinny with
small walnut face
I received my first love letter
in third standard !!!
It said “ I love u “
Instead of blushing I started to cry
Owing to Malayalam serials and cinemas
I used to watch without fail
Tears ran down my specs
which covered half my face
It didn’t took much Sherlock skills
To find who wrote it
It was my best friend !!
To be specified “ she “
The whole class laughed ..
I maintained an angry face
to save my remaining prestige
There is a common misbelief that
Only a boy can propose a girl
Even girls aren’t far behind
Atleast few girls like me !!
Who said looks don’t matter
It matters a lot !!
It mattered to me in fifth standard
In form of my friend two teeth
Maxillary protuberance !!
Bread and butter for dentist
To b simplified , ur teeth just
pops out when u close ur mouth
Giving you a rat or rabbit look
U may choose !!
It didn’t mattered to me until
The one I proposed asked to first
Correct it and think of relationship !!
Pretty cool break up !!
My heart rented beyond repair !!
Next scene is me with dentist !!
Chil yar !! Take off 4 teeth from 4 corners
And put a metallic wire band !! No worries
The pain will b almost unbearable
for ur age - said my dad
It is almost similar to labour pain -
said my best friend
I moved to plan B
Made my whatsapp status
“ imperfections are beautiful “
Today I am 22
Guess what I am doing
Providing my friend confidence
to propose her crush
With my whatsapp status
“Coaches don’t play “!!

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