Beautiful valleys, hunter's moon
Cerulean Sky, Damsel's appealing eyes Mountains ,diamonds, blue sapphire
If I'm not wrong are the things,
Poets mostly admire
Their alluring appearance bewitch our minds
Is it only the appearance which defines Scorched in the flames of withering injustice
A piece of coal shrieked inside it's mine
I know I'm ugly Like DIAMOND I don't shine
We are Born in the same mine
Is His shine the only reason to be considered as divine?
I'm not attractive is this my crime?
One question I want to ask
Will it's shine be able to brighten up your dark?
I know my brother very well!
He's very smart
Stealing light and reflecting
He is pretty good at this art
He is a fair weather friend
He'll be there Till you've sunshine above your head
When the sun would set
When the Blanket of darkness to the infinity Would stretch on your sky
You will look at him ask for light
When you need him the most
He will leave without a goodbye
I may look like a filthy piece of dust
Give me one chance And a little trust
I would burn myself to give you light
I'll be there with you in plight
But to whom I'm Telling this
To the world Where only beautiful are cherished!
Million shades of skin
Lighter is adored
Thorns protect
Still flowers renowned
Wax burns
Still flame is given the applause
Butterfly moths both are insects
Then don't know why Moths are shooed But we smitten butterfly
One thing we really need to understand Appearance is just nature's accident
It's Not an achievement
It's Not the valuation of your worth
It's your heart and brain which matter
Not the appearance with you took birth. -SAKSHI SHARMA

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