The west coast is heavy with idle hands,
bloodied borders and phony demands
to hear the rumors of a hell on earth
spawned by pagan daughters to give birth
to an anti-Christ the nation shall raise
up in Reno until the end of days.
A red sun shining has got me sick
and the pretty pollution has gotten too thick
We see the lightning but hear no sound
of any thunder as it's been drowned
out by the freeway traffic all L.A. bound.
California could float away
and a lonesome island it would stay,
there's plenty of ghosts and they'll be more today
if California just drifted away.
Have you seen Judas since his trial?
His head's not right and he's in denial.
You see his brains got the best of him,
so the buzzards will have the rest of him
after they're done picking the politicians' bones,
grasping tight to dead and broken mobile phones
California could break away
and a lonesome island it would stay
with plenty of ghosts with more today
if California just broke away
with skies above them forever grey.

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