Coats We Wear

When we were children we wore coats as protection against the cold
it starts small...
Jimmy took my blocks, put on a coat
Sally called me stupid, put on a coat
now I'm 16 and I'm wearing so many coats I can't breathe
my back hunches over, and all I can look at is the ground
I can't see
I can't speak, under all these coats I am paralyzed
I am paralyzed by my own protection
the coat to keep you warm
the coat to cover the pain
the coat to keep you quiet
get sick put on a coat
to poor to afford food put on a coat
too tired to keep living put on a coat
we get so used to the coats we wear, that they become a part of us
but I wonder what would happen if the coats came off
layer by layer
walking tall, seeing the world around us
speaking words once muffled by fabric, now heard
yes it is cold outside but I won't wear a coat
I like the cold it makes me feel alive

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