Cocktail Hour Reminders

A man should never think of inches when he has a foot in his mouth. Also, a woman should limit her pursuits to inches as she has also been known to put a foot in her mouth.

If you have the choice of suicide or living, choose the one that gives you time to remedy your mistakes.

Don’t think in terms of “there’s nothing to live for.” Think in terms of “there’s nothing to die for.” OK- forget about the pecan pie.

Goals are what we set for tomorrow. Mistakes are what we forget for today, yet avoid tomorrow. “Tomorrow” is God’s way of telling us that he too can be forgetful and just might not hold today’s mistakes against us.

We spend too much time asking for directions and not enjoying the journey of getting there.

I’d rather experience pain once than “hear” about bliss my entire life.

There are many recovering alcoholics who believe that twelve steps is the best trip they ever took. It’s not the distance you take, just the guts you have to make the journey.

Don’t find fault with yourself! Unless, of course, you’re the one whose at fault.

There is a bright side to losing a cherished pet. How can God deny your coming to heaven when you’ve sent ahead the perfect gift?

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