The Commander

Smart commander
At the head of the plan
With reinforcement at his hand
And assured victory

How I’d like to
Sit across from you
And pick apart your brain,
Smart commander,
Who’s always ahead of the game

Atop wooden chairs we can talk about
Existence and life and death
And deities and dignity and reality
And atop my wooden chair I can wonder:
Why didn’t I find you sooner?

What a fascinating mind
And a fascinating soul;
What promise you hold
And what an inspiration into which you will unfold
With that mystifying spirit,
Mesmerizing and endearing

A personality to lead boasted by the smart commander
In his delightfully diligent type a
Shown by the law of his word
Capable of captivating anyone who hears the commands—
Truly, it’s so absurd
That the smart commander
Makes caveat what rolls off his tongue
Simply by speaking loudly enough

Our piqued minds should dance with each other
In conversation of existence and life and death,
Until we reach the end of our physical existence,
Our lives shrivel away as we grow old,
And death welcomes us with open arms
Into perhaps nothingness or perhaps everything

And for that experience of interlocked curiosity
I save my questions of deities and dignity and reality
For the smart commander in our forecasted camaraderie
As we discover as one what it’s like
To pick apart a brain and a world
Before our questions are subdued by earthly frost.

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This Poems Story

a piece written about an intriguing peer of mine (: