I forget my old self like I forget a dream, while I watch the dark coffee brew.
Slowly, then all at once, it fades to black.
The person in the mirror is not who I am,
But only a reflection of the nightmare I try to drown away
In caffeine and sweet sugar.
A legal drug, to drown your troubles in awakeness and jitters.
You read a book, praying their story becomes yours
As you sip your dark liquid replacement
For the person you were before you were you
The person you were when you believed in happily ever after
And kisses in the rain under the moonlight
The person you were when you believed in miracles and hope
Now the natural toxins consume your mind, shutting out sleep
Shutting out the nightmare last night
Of the real you, the you you shove into the past
The you if anyone saw, you would fall away like sand through your fingers.
So you sketch in the corner of your journal
And let your mind wander from reality, if only for but a picture
If only for but a sip of coffee.
If only for but a forgotten glimpse
In the reflection of your mug.

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